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Are You a Punctual, Professional Plumber? Apply Now!

Do you want a rewarding career? Look no further! Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Morganton is looking to add plumbing professionals to our growing team. We are searching for a plumber who will always show up on time, keep client satisfaction as their number one priority, and perform with professionality. Whether you have no experience or years of practice, our team is looking to hire a quick learner, with an interest in residential and commercial plumbing.

Limited Experience? No Problem!

How would you like to have a career in a year? Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Morganton, we pride ourselves on offering you more than a job opportunity, we give you a meaningful career. Our Career In a Year program provides the perfect prospect for an individual willing to learn, as he or she will train alongside skilled plumbing professionals while on the clock!

If you follow the following mentality—“If I’m not ten minutes early, then I’m late”—then we are interested in you. Punctuality is essential. If you can arrive on time, you will receive full-time work, year-round and develop professional plumbing skills.

If you are looking to work at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Morganton, you must embody the following:

1. Must be punctual;

2. willing to learn;

3. like collaboration;

4. prioritize a client over yourself;

5. and be courteous.

Already an Experienced Plumber?

Even if you already have professional plumbing expertise, working at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Morganton offers you so much more than job security, we offer:

1. Advancement opportunities;

2. comprehensive benefits;

3. bonuses and rewards for excellence and referrals;

4. and the potential to make a six-figure income in five years.

This is the chance to succeed and flourish into the best professional plumber you can be. We demand the finest technicians for our clients and expect that our plumbers arrive at every job with a positive attitude and a professional demeanor.

Please upload your resume here for an opportunity to join our renowned team of plumbing professionals.