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Morganton Tub & Shower Services

Quality Plumbing Solutions for Your Bathroom

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your home and improve its value, renovating the bathroom is always a great option. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we have the experience needed to handle all your bathroom plumbing needs, including the ability to service and repair the more complex issues with today’s showers and bathtubs. We take care of drain repairs, leaking faucets or showerheads, fixture repairs, and water pressure issues. If you are contemplating a bathroom remodeling project, we can even help you with the process to ensure you have the right plumbing in place for whatever you are planning.

Our Morganton plumbers are prepared to tackle any challenge associated with:

  • Separate bathtubs
  • Shower and tub combination
  • Stand-alone showers
  • Hot tubs
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Whirlpool or jacuzzi tubs

When you call our team, you can count on our technicians to be there for you at the agreed time. In fact, if we are late for your appointment, we’ll pay you $5 for each minute, up to $300. We know your time is valuable, and this is our way to show you we respect that. We also offer straightforward pricing and guarantee our plumbing repairs for two years.

Call us today at (828) 414-2454 with any questions you may have about bathtubs, showers, or other plumbing services.

Discover Bathtub Options for Your Home

Bathtubs have held an instrumental role throughout the course of history, from the huge Roman community baths, the galvanized tin tub, and the claw foot tub to plenty of different options today. While some households forego bathtubs altogether, many are insistent on having at least one tub in the home. Large soaking bathtubs and whirlpool bathtubs are common for their therapeutic and relaxation benefits. Additionally, specially equipped bathtubs, such as walk-in tubs, are becoming more common for those desiring a bathroom that is suitable when limited mobility is an issue.

Walk-In Tubs for Accessibility

Those who are struggling with balance often find that climbing in and out of a bathtub is one of the most challenging tasks. In fact, many falls occur in the bathroom, and people are more likely to fall when they’re trying to lift their legs over the slippery edge or lip of a tub. You can solve this issue for your elderly family member or yourself by installing a walk-in tub in the bathroom in your home. Our skilled plumber can assist you in choosing the right walk-in tub and provide proper installation to ensure it doesn’t leak or have other problems.

Walk-in tubs offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Safety
  • Relaxation
  • Ease of use

You can also choose a tub that comes with massaging jets, which can help soothe tired and sore muscles or one that offers seating within the tub for easier bathing. Walk-in tubs have sealed doors, so when you enter the tub, you simply open the door and step right in. Once you’re inside, you can close the door and start the water. If you prefer to shower, we can also install handheld showerheads with your walk-in tub.

Differences Between Hot Tubs & Whirlpool Tubs

Hot tubs and whirlpool tubs are popular options to help ease sore muscles and provide homeowners with a sense of luxury. While both have a pump that disperses air bubbles and jetted water for optimal muscle relaxation, there are quite a few differences between the two.

Determine which tub suits your needs by reading the different features of hot tubs and whirlpool tubs below:

  • Whirlpool tubs are usually installed in the bathroom while hot tubs are installed outdoors. This is partly because hot tubs must be operated on a schedule, and you wouldn’t want that kind of noise indoors.
  • You fill up and drain a whirlpool tub each time you use it, whereas hot tubs keep the same water that can be adjusted for multiple uses. This water is treated so that it does not become unsafe due to bacteria growth.
  • Whirlpool tubs are used for bathing in general with added therapeutic value. Hot tubs should only be used after bathing so that it can remain cleaner and not need to be emptied and cleaned as often.

Each of these has its own maintenance and repair issues, and our team is equipped to handle many of the issues you may encounter. If you are interested in a hot tub or a whirlpool tub, consult with us to determine which one benefits your property and caters to your needs more.

Take the Next Step with Tub & Shower Plumbing

When you arrive home after a long day at work, school, or errands, it’s nice to have a spot where you can relax and feel rejuvenated before heading to bed. Whether you seek a shower or a bathtub to find relaxation, our Morganton plumbers can help. We have a reputation for unsurpassed customer service provided by exceptional, vetted technicians.

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